Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dr.A's Dental Diet: 5 Simple Rules for Healthy Teeth, Body & Mind

by Dr.A



Most people forget that teeth are body parts too! So it is not surprising to learn that recently many studies have shown a link between oral disease and other maladies, including heart disease, systemic bacterial infections, and even certain types of cancer.

So my goal with Dr.A's Dental Diet is not to introduce a ground shaking new overly-hyped diet plan, but to instill common sense when you are planning your next meal. Your teeth, body and mind are intertwined. Taking care of your teeth helps in keeping your body in healthy shape and your mind sharp.

While I will be updating my site with various tips and commentary, here are 5 simple rules that you must follow to adhere to my diet plan:

1. Balance
Whether it is carbs, protiens, fats, exercise, sleeping, or even drinking alcohol, balancing them all during the day is key.

2. Prevent
Brush, floss, rinse, visit your dentist, keep up with your cleaning visits. This is important in preventing cavities and oral problems. And if you do have a simple small cavity, so what? fill it and move on. Don't dwell on it, and be too scared to do anything about it, or let the finances get in the way. Remember, a small cavity will keep growing, so will the dental bill.

There are many different types of dental oral rinses, not just the ones that burn! I will show you how to maximize the benefits of your morning rinses, and also point out those soothing moisturizing rinses before bedtime. Don't forget water! Rinse while you eat or right after a meal with water to dislodge food debris, or right after drinking coffee or tea to help reduce teeth staining.

3. Exercise
Sports, work, hobbies, even shopping, yes shopping, what ever gets you out of the house and your comfy chair and makes you walk, run, and sweat. Muscle mass improves your metabolism and blood flow, and in turn helps burn fat. Improved blood flow also helps keep your gums healthy.

4. Relax
Make time for your self. Whether it is sleeping, reading, talking on the phone with a friend, playing video games, or visiting my website, make time for quiet relaxing activities to give your body and mind the opportunity to recharge for another hectic day.

5. Cheat
Yes, you heard that right, you are allowed to cheat on this diet plan! I can show you how to sneak in a couple of deserts and sweat snacks a day and still keep those pounds off, and maintain a healthy white smile. It is better to cheat in front of my diet plan, than to cheat behind it's back!

So stay tuned, and check back often to read my latest tips and commentary on how best to take care of your teeth, your body, and mind.

Dr.A's Dental Diet


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